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Hello, my name is Tony Jeary and I talk with literally thousands of high achievers and company leaders every year and regardless of how bad, good or great the previous year(s) may have been they all agree 100% on what they want for the upcoming year – in a word, RESULTS!

Results to help YOU both Professionally and Personally! To help you achieve:

•  Management and Leadership Results
•  Strategic Planning Results
•  Health Results
•  Income Results
•  Organizational Results
•  Family and Relational Results
•  Goal Setting Results
•  Personal Development Results
•  Time Management/Productivity Results
•  Stress Management Results
•  Lifestyle Results
•  And much, much more…

I track and monitor hundreds of my own professional and personal goals, and I’ve found the key to making quantum leaps and achieving Results both in business and personally is knowledge, learning, habits, disciplines, associations, networking and dozens of other key components – all tied to an ongoing plan. I’ve found even some of the best organizations and individuals still need and want refinements to help them define, clarify, focus and then stay on track and be accountable to execute their plan.

I’ve had the great privilege to work with some of the most accomplished, high achieving leaders from around the world. Some named on the Forbes Richest 400 list and many who have risen to the top of their organizations. This includes the President of Ford, President and Chairman of Wal-Mart, President of Samsung, President of Qualcomm, President of New York Life, President of Shell, President of Sam’s Club, Presidents of American Airlines, President of USANA, as well as top executives from Amway, 7-Eleven, Dr Pepper, Fidelity, Caterpillar, American Express, Bell Helicopter, Sony, Radio Shack, Mary Kay, PepsiCo, Hewlett Packard, Kellogg’s and many more!

Additionally I’ve had the good fortune to work one-on-one with multi-millionaire Entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and speakers and some of the most celebrated business owners in the marketplace.

For the past 25+ years, I have been studying, refining and investing in building an arsenal of the most valuable best practices, processes and models to help my clients get faster results, in fact extraordinary Results.

It is so gratifying for my staff and me to watch transformational results happen for individuals and organizations on a daily basis. As I mentioned I have hundreds of goals I track and I use dozens and dozens of tools to help me achieve these goals, including a well defined mission and purpose statement, my personal, professional and family values statement, my daily HLA’s (High Leverage Activities), a personal and professional dream board, and numerous other tools to help me and those around me create the life we desire. Plus I depend on a trusted circle of committed mastermind partners and board of directors to help me in my life and business.

Because of my success and 25+ years of studying and gathering best practices, I have clients pay me well over 100k a year to help them emulate many of the proven strategies and techniques I use and/or have developed related to goal setting, personal strategy, vision boards, defining personal standards, raising kids, successful marriage and relationships, and many other powerful areas I will share with the TJ Inner Circle.

Professionally I’ve also helped top executives and presidents (and can help you) with:

• Creating, defining and honing their professional brand
• Planning strategic direction
• Conducting and organizing board meetings
• Communicating to the media
• Synergizing executive teams
• Supporting leaders, executives and CEO’s personal assistants to increase their effectiveness
• Communication strategy
• Raising funds
• Acquiring companies
• Assisting with successful mergers
• Influencing people to action
• Clarity of their companies brand and marketing focus to grow more business
• Annual events
• Book tours
• Writing books
• Taking companies public
• Dealing with analysts
• Effective team management
• Hiring the right advisors
• Negotiating deals
• Helping clarify visions
• Cascading messages effectively
• Helping people strategically manage their time
• Achieve more “buy-in” from teams
• Launch new products
• Opening new countries for business ventures
• Speaking effectively from any stage


Now is the time to bring the thousands of personal and professional lessons, distinctions, best practices, observations and most importantly RESULTS directly to you!

I love spending a day with an individual or organization. Together we identify challenges and then help clarify, focus and execute Results in compressed time periods. It truly is amazing!

Yet, what I’ve discovered over the years is nothing is more powerful than an ongoing relationship with a client. They start with one objective and then 12 or 24 months later they’ve not only solved that but have also accomplished more than they could have imagined in so many other areas as well. Many clients have doubled their results professionally, made their visions a reality and have created huge wins in both their professional and personal lives.

Unfortunately, my schedule limits me on the number of clients I can commit to with this type of relationship.


S – T – R – E – T – C – H – I – N – G  the Rubber Band


So for the first time in 25 years I’m opening the door for you to receive the same benefits I’ve talked about above through an ongoing relationship with not only myself and the TJI team but also other High Achievers (Networking and Associations).

We have created 3 options (see Option 1 to start your FREE 15-day trial)…

Option One: TJ Inner Circle

Over a 12 month period of time you will receive 26 modules to help you identify and accomplish ALL of your desired results professionally and personally. Plus I’ll give you my best arsenal of life and business lessons, distinctions, best practices and observations that ultimately get you the RESULTS you desire! Many of these modules sell for $5000 to $15000 when delivered to corporations. These modules are designed to benefit entrepreneurs, owners of small and large companies or mid-level and executive management of corporations. Some of these will be life-changing for you and, in many cases, I’m sure just one of the 26 modules will more than pay for the entire 12 month investment.

Additionally you will receive 12 (one a month) conference calls where I interview both Entrepreneurs and CEO’s from my world of Top Achievers and personal clients – all designed to help you get greater Results!

Plus we will have ongoing email touches and monthly Q&A to answer and discuss the most important questions and distinctions you have.

Total Value could easily be over $100,000 (if not for the special group pricing)

Investment $197 a month

Sign-up today to start your FREE 15-day trial. Cancel at any time, but keep Bonus 2 (see below) and the Module 1 video and your Professional Strategic Framework as our gift to you! Then on day 16 we’ll bill you at the normal rate of $97 a month.
(special pay whole year in advance discount available)

Option Two: TJ Inner Circle Gold Mastermind
Includes all Inner Circle benefits (26 Modules, 12 Conference Calls, email and Q&A)

We’ll gather as a group and meet 4x a year with six optional dates to choose from (for your calendar convenience). This is where the magic of Networking and Masterminding comes in. Together we’ll share the best ideas and strategies to help you accelerate your success both professionally and personally, plus we’ll pair the group so the masterminding and networking alone is worth far more than the overall investment.

Total Value could easily be over $150,000 (if not for the special group pricing)

Investment $897 a month

Special Offer Only $497 a month
(special pay whole year in advance discount available)

Option Three: TJ Inner Circle Platinum Mastermind

Includes all Inner Circle benefits (26 Modules, 12 Conference Calls, email and Q&A)
Includes all Inner Circle Gold Mastermind Benefits (meet 4x a year with six optional dates to choose from)


We will have an additional evening session w/dinner for networking. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your peers in this High Achieving group as you take all the synergy, strategies and ideas from the earlier session and then network and mastermind together to a whole new level of Results!

And… As an added benefit, you have the option to bring a guest to 2 of the 4 sessions throughout the year.

Total Value could easily be over $250,000 (if not for the special group pricing)

Investment $1997 a month

Special Offer Only $997 a month
(special pay whole year in advance discount available)

Plus 2 Bonuses!

Bonus One
In addition to everything I’ve mentioned, joining us is a guy who I consider one of the all-time greats and brilliant minds in marketing! Kyle Wilson will partner with us and deliver ADDITIONAL BONUS modules throughout the year! Kyle has built highly profitable businesses, including one around an amazing man and legend, the late Jim Rohn. Kyle, in addition to founding Jim Rohn International, also built and several other entities. Kyle has consulted and advised multiple companies on their marketing and promotional efforts to grow customers, leads, list and ultimately their business. Kyle has worked closely and partnered with the giants in the personal development world including Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Denis Waitley, Harvey Mackay and myself. Kyle launched and published six personal development publications reaching over a million subscribers a week and produced/published well over 100 hours of personal development DVD and CD programs.

Kyle will be teaming with me on bringing additional Bonus Modules including:

• Positioning Your Unique Brand
• Understanding What Your Customer Wants
• Wordsmithing and Creating Your Compelling Messaging
• How to Impact Your Business and Bottom-line Through Marketing
• Creating Compelling Products
• Leveraging Viral Marketing Tools
• Building a Successful Speaking, Writing, Coaching and Consulting Business.
• And more!
(Value $9700)

Bonus Two
Your Strategic Acceleration Personal Framework – a 45 minute video with downloads
Tony walks you through the high level process he uses with his $15,000 a day clients to identify and clarify:

•         Your Purpose
•         Your Values (and your spouses, significant other or key person)
•         Your Goals
•         What Makes you Happy
•         Life Roles You Fill
•         Filters
•         Intentional Congruence
•         HLA – High Leverage Activities

This exercise anchors your 2012 goals to your highest values multiplying their magnetic pulling power and your RESULTS!
(value $1500)

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2012 Dates

** Gold and Platinum Mastermind Members are able to attend 4 dates a year of the 6 opportunities (this is to give you flexibility for when you simply cannot attend a particular date). Listed below is the next available date opportunity.

1.    Presentation and Communication Mastery, Masterminding and Networking 

Friday, July 13, 3012 Gold/Platinum

Location: Flower Mound, Texas (exact location, directions, hotel info to follow registration)


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