Relationships DO matter

Relationships DO matter…

Just last week I was on the phone with Marty Seligman, the author of a fantastic book called Flourish, discussing his expertise, background and more. In Flourish he reveals 5 core pieces to the well-being/happiness puzzle:

  1. Relationships
  2. Accomplishments
  3. Engagement
  4. Positive Emotion
  5. Meaning

I LOVED this book! Did you notice that #1 is relationships? Nice segue way into Valentine’s Day don’t you think?

And since it is Valentine’s Day, let me ask you to take a moment and think about your relationships. Are you reaching out and touching those you should? Emails, texts cards, flowers and more. Let me encourage you to do just that–both in your business and personal life.

Here’s a quick example: I was working with a good friend and client of mine this last Friday. We had a coaching session and he’s a large executive–I mean his organization is large he’s not. We were discussing a 14-year old kid he’s been mentoring, and he shared a conversation he’d had with the young man earlier that morning. The executive suggested the kid send a Valentine to his math teacher who he said did not like him. The kid was shocked so the executive went on to explain that sometimes we need to reach out, touch people, be encouraging, compliment and praise to people. This simple principle applies in both the personal and professional aspects of our lives.

If you were to rate yourself today on how well you do this would it be a high rating? It’s often a Blind Spot for people. You know I’m all about helping people uncover Blind Spots, look at different perspectives and dig into the distinctions that matter the most.

This really falls under HLA’s – High Leverage Activities – I talk about all the time. So let me leave you with this thought on this Valentine’s Day: Should you reach out right now and encourage, thank, appreciate someone today? Heck this is the perfect day.

Keep in touch – I love hearing your success stories, love encouraging others, love helping others get better results in all areas of life.