Are You Done Planning 2012? What will it look like?

Have you finished planning 2012 yet? In the last 10 days I’ve had 2 great trips… San Diego and Mayakoba, Mexico – both refreshing and recharging as I plan and clarify for 2012. This is truly my favorite time of year, and I wanted to continue to encourage you to think deeply about your top goals personally and professionally for 2012.

What do you want to experience, share, enjoy, learn, accomplish and become?

What thinking and tools do you need to become your best, stretch your thinking, expand your possibilities, refine your goals, and direction for 2012, and beyond?

Thinking, I often say, is not easy and yet it sure pays big dividends. It takes thinking to get really clear, and clarity causes pulling power.

At TJI, we love to help people think, refine, define and organize their future, so they maximize efforts hence RESULTS.

One of the ways we’re helping people do that for 2012 is through my Inner Circle. This is a new way for us to share and facilitate in a personal level.

We want it to be exceptional for those that join us and truly want to operate at the next level – the mastery level. I want to encourage you to consider jumping on board for the Inner Circle.

If you want to join us click here for more details and to sign up. Truly consider the options and what might work best for you. My goal, through the Inner Circle, is to help you be, do, become and experience more than you’re currently thinking is possible for 2012 and beyond.