Business Planning

For 20+ years, Tony has accelerated some of the most respected companies, unique high achievers and effective organizations the world over. Because of his extensive experience, Tony has realized that busy executives and their teams often need to go offsite to synergize their team and crystallize their direction.

Using our proven proprietary process, you will gain clarity of what your vision is/should be, determine the focus on high-leverage activities, and of course build a plan for taking action, or execution. To meet this need, Tony has created a unique facility, featuring the Strategic Acceleration Studio, on his park-like estate in the DFW Metroplex (conveniently located just minutes away from Dallas’ public and private airports).

The Strategic Acceleration Studio, in its stimulating, unique setting, combines the latest media technology with a library containing a lifetime’s worth of systems, processes and best practices.

Whether preparing and rehearsing for a speech or developing an accelerated business strategy, an experience with Tony in his Studio will be an experience to remember, and one that accelerates RESULTS immediately!


To learn more about Tony’s strategic planning sessions, coaching or customized services or to book him for your next event, business planning meeting, training or corporate retreat please click the link below to fill out our contact form and someone from our office will connect with you shortly.

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“You helped CDS gain significant clarity in defining the firm’s objectives and vision for the future.  In the corporate world it often takes weeks and months to formulate a plan.  It was amazing to watch you keep our senior management team focused and driven to turn out the best results during our personal one-day strategic planning session.” - Heidi Vaughn, Director of Marketing, Collegiate Development Services

“We had been working on our strategic plan for a long time. The tools Tony has developed, in my opinion, give you a leg up. Don’t get me wrong-there are no short cuts. But in two days, he accomplished more than we could have ever done on our own! He really kept us on task. There were no wasted minutes. We walked away with tools we needed to go to the next step.  I’ve spent a lot of time with consultants. They usually go in and look at the situation, tell you what you need to change, and then leave. Tony is not like that. I got the feeling that he was vested, all the way from the pre-work through the follow-up, which says a lot about his integrity.” - David C. Cook, Cook Publishing

“Tony has been quite useful to me and my team. Thinking through all aspects of our strategic planning has been quite helpful moving from strategic to tactical execution…Tony represents fresh energy many organizations do not have on their staff. All things remain at rest until energy is applied, and Tony will transfer his energy to you and your team.” - Ray Greer, former CEO, Greatwide Trucking

“I want to thank you for your contributions to SOURCECORP as we have grown from a start-up to a $400 million public company. Your involvement has been invaluable in clarifying key issues, building consensus and developing action plans. I believe one reason you are so effective is the fact that you are always very prepared. You do your homework ahead of time, are always prepared, connect to the audience in a relevant manner, and are flexible enough to address new issues that develop. I also recognize the contributions from your team, which allows you to focus all of your time on your highest value added.”  - Ed Bowman, President & CEO, SOURCECORP

“What a Day! In fact what a week of work in one day! You bring all new meaning to efficiency and effectiveness. You and your team operate in Tech Time by using technology to find quality solutions.” - Joel Barker, Futurist and Author of The New Business of Paradigms

“Whew! I thought we did a lot in a little time. I had very high expectations and you met them all. In addition, we learned some very key insights, tools and techniques that will save us both time and money.” - Tom McGee, Founder, Wildworks Group


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