Strategic Facilitation

Using our Strategic Acceleration methodology, organizations often come to our Studio to help compress time in launching a new company, product, process, direction, or for team synergy.

Tony Jeary is about getting RESULTS!  In fact, many people call him the “Results Guy.”  To affect major results, it means getting an entire culture on board.

Tony takes a four-pronged approach to Strategic Facilitation.  These are:  Awareness, Skill Sets, Processes and Tools.

  • Awareness  Raising awareness to incorrect or outdated beliefs and eliminating “blind spots” is critical for gaining clarity on the current situation.
  • Skill Sets Teaching skill sets to leaders and team members that will enable them to accomplish objectives
  • Processes - Utilizing proven processes built from best practices over the last 20+ years of working with some of the world’s best companies.
  • Tools Taking advantage of Tony’s vast arsenal of tools to help effect culture change or building new tools specific to your needs.

To learn more about Tony’s strategic planning sessions, coaching or customized services or to book him for your next event, business planning meeting, training or corporate retreat please click the link below to fill out our contact form and someone from our office will connect with you shortly.

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“You exceeded my level of expectations, we got to exercise a team dynamic that we normally don’t get to exercise, and we built a much more powerful team.  I see us being the envy of the industry and a company that others want to emulate.  This is a great first step in getting this going in that direction.” - Mike Gorey, Bridgestone Firestone Building Products

“Tony’s work has been very successful in helping us evaluate the general status of Hillwood in exploring our branding matrix, performance standards, competition evaluation, developing team synergy. The sessions proved invaluable in making our company leaders’ objectively evaluate the company, and in establishing goals for better performance.” - Russell Laughlin, Hillwood Properties, A Ross Perot Company

That was a GREAT meeting. I have not had so much $/minute value ever! Great ideas, great contacts and great action items.” - Carson Conant, EVP, Nightingale Conant

“You are obviously very dedicated to your work and not just as an occupation through which you can earn a living but as an avocation – something that calls you to utilize your skills and abilities to make other people’s lives better – almost like a ministry of sorts.” - Pat Jannausch- Con-way Transportation

“The deliverables I personally walked away with centered around 2 main ideas, the FLOW concept on how we as business owners need to stay focused on what generates FLOW and avoid things that take away from FLOW.  Also the Belief Window concept and the video on Paradigm shifting and understanding will be of great benefit.  The marketing materials that your team has helped my company develop will net an additional $500,000 in net profit.” - George Burke, Owner, Burke Painting

“Thanks for doing such a terrific job in leading, inspiring and challenging all of us at the Mitsubishi Electric Distributor Conference this past week.  I had several of our distributors tell me that they would be going back home to implement the training that you shared with us during that time.  Thanks for challenging all of us into moving from good-to-great-to-Mastery!” - John Wright, Sales Manager, Mitsubishi

“Thank you for your leadership at the TEREX ConExpo Training. This is our largest trade show in North America.  Our associates with Freeman introduced us to you and your team.  You helped us clarify our objectives and lead us through a process which quickly and efficiently produced a workable structure for the training, a set of deliverables to work against and clear roles and responsibilities among the team.  You quickly developed an understanding of our organization and its challenges and responded with helpful suggestions on how we could accomplish our goals.  You kept us on track.   Post event surveys were above 8 on a scale of 10 and I think it is safe to say we could not have achieved these results without your leadership and the efforts of your team.” - Kevin Janco, Sr. Director of Marketing, TEREX

“Congratulations! We were notified today that Freeman has been awarded the contract for imX 2011.  They selected us based on our entire strategic package we presented.  They have also expressed interest in utilizing our Marketing and Creative services. Thank you all for your hard work, leadership and dedication to imX, SME and AMTDA. I look forward to working with you all in order to fulfill our promise to the imX brand! Thank you for helping us frame up the story and turn our ideas into platforms for growth.” - Toby Purdy, Freeman Companies


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